24.03 2021 – 09:00-11:00

Nordic Circul­ar Events 2021 Kic­koff
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Welcome to the first Nordic Circul­ar Hot­spot 2021 sea­sonal event.
On March 24, we will launch the Nordic Circul­ar Hot­spot Partners­hip Programme for mar­ket develop­ment, and warm­ly welcome our first Finn­ish manag­ing partner—Bus­iness Fin­land, the go­vern­ment org­an­isati­on for innovati­on fund­ing and tra­de, tra­vel and in­vest­ment promoti­on. Jo­in in to le­arn about the Finn­ish bio economic app­roach to circul­ar value creati­on, and find out how you can jo­in the circul­ar mo­vement.
The greenest coun­try on the pla­net, Fin­land has world-class know-how in develop­ing innovati­ve bio-based products and technologies. It is al­so a world lea­der in circul­ar soluti­ons, which help sol­ve local and global problems. For example, everything that is made out of oil today can be made out of wood tomorrow — and Fin­land is al­rea­dy do­ing it! As a small Nordic nati­on, it has always been in Fin­land’s nature to preser­ve what is valua­ble. The Finns have the resources, experts and know — how to crea­te world-chang­ing innovati­ons.
Jo­in in to le­arn about their app­roach to the bio and circul­ar transiti­on, both from a pu­blic and pri­vate sector per­specti­ve. What can we le­arn from Fin­land? What is the potential for Finn­ish innovati­on in the Nordic mar­ket today and vice versa?
Af­ter a 10-minu­te break, we will present to you the Nordic Circul­ar Hot­spot’s brand-new Partners­hip Programme. Le­arn more about our attracti­ve partners­hip opport­unities and how you can jo­in the reg­i­on’s rapidly-grow­ing circul­ar economy mo­vement. We look forw­ard to seeing you at our excit­ing — and first — jo­int Nordic Circul­ar Hot­spot – Bus­iness Fin­land webin­ar of the new ye­ar.
Modera­ted by Nordic Circul­ar Hot­spot manag­ing partners: Ein­ar K. Holt­he (CEO of Natural State), Marika Oll­ar­anta (Head of Bio and Circul­ar Fin­land Programme, Bus­iness Fin­land) and Cat­hrine Barth (Found­er of Circula­rities)


  • Circul­ar Nordics 2021
    Ein­ar Kleppe Holt­he, CEO
    Natural State
  • Bi­oCircul­ar Fin­land open­ing words
    Marika Oll­ar­anta, Head of Bi­oCircul­ar Program
    Bus­iness Fin­land

  • Finn­ish Bi­oCircul­ar Innovati­on Roa­dmap
    Jarmo Hein­on­en, Seni­or Director, Innovati­on Ecosystems, Industries
    Bus­iness Fin­land

  • Fut­ure of bi­om­a­ter­ials
    Jussi Mann­in­en, Ex­ecuti­ve Vice Presi­dent

  • Kick start your bio-based bus­iness in Fin­land
    Helvi Väisän­en, Seni­or Advisor
    Bus­iness Fin­land

  • Bi­oba­sed soluti­ons comp­any cases:

    • Pyroll Packag­ing
      Tap­ani Holappa, Sa­les Director

    • Nords­hield
      Kri­stof­fer Ekm­an, CEO

    • Spinnova
      Pia Qvint­us, Bus­iness Develop­ment Director

  • Nordic per­specti­ve on bio economy
    Cat­hrine Barth, Circul­ar Stra­teg­ist

  • In­teracti­ve panel discussi­on with spea­kers and Q&A from the audience

  • 10 minu­te break

  • Presentati­on of the Nordic Circul­ar Hot­spot Partner Programme for mar­ket develop­ment

    • Meet our first new partners

  • Q&A dia­logue with the audience

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