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How to use the Sustaina­ble Develop­ment Goals ef­fecti­vely for bus­iness develop­ment. SDG Accelerator for SMEs.
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SDG Accelerator for SMEs – How to use the Sustaina­ble Develop­ment Goals ef­fecti­vely for bus­iness develop­ment

Bus­inesses, alongsi­de go­vern­ment and civil society, will have an increasingly acti­ve role in colla­borati­ve soluti­ons to address today’s most press­ing societal chal­lenges descri­bed in the Sustaina­ble Develop­ment Goals (SDGs). This works­hop will gi­ve you a bri­ef introducti­on to the SDG Accelerator as well as gi­ve you inspirati­on on how to use the SDGs as a dri­ver for bus­iness innovati­on. Via concrete tools and examp­les from the programme, we will show how you can operati­ona­lize the SDGs in a bus­iness context, creating bus­iness be­nef­its and impact on the goals. More in­formati­on: http://www.sdg-accelerator.org/

If you have names of comp­anies that are us­ing the SDG tool­box
Here is an overview of the comp­anies that have participa­ted in the programme over the cour­se of the two ye­ars this has been runn­ing. One can read more about each comp­any, its profile and what the comp­any wor­ked on in the SDG Accelerator programme. I have al­so attached separa­te overviews for ea­sy ref­erence.


Few words on the instructor/s
Director of UNDP’s Nordic Office, Camilla Brückner, who has more th­an 28 ye­ars of develop­ment policy and mana­gement experience in Dan­ish and in­ternati­onal org­an­izati­ons (Presenter)
Consult­ant, UNDP’s Nordic Office, Valdemar Christen­sen, who has been a part of the SDG Accelerator team from the beg­inn­ing of the programme (Instructor)




Camilla Brückner fram­kvæmd­ar­stjóri  Þró­un­ar­stofn­un­ar Sam­ein­uðu þjóð­anna á Norð­ur­lönd­um (e. UNDP Nordic).

Vinna mark­visst að því að efla fyr­ir­tæki í vinnu þeirra með heims­mark­mið­in.

Blu­eprint, tool­box, and SDG Opport­unity Cards

UNDP Nordic has developed a draft blu­eprint for the programme that descri­bes the specific processes, met­hodologies and tools supp­ort­ing the programme, which can be down­loa­ded here. We have al­so developed a draft tool­box for the programme including an ‘SDG For­ecasting App­roach’. This tool­box is desig­ned for facilitators guiding one or more comp­anies through the SDG Innovati­on Jour­ney. The draft tool­box can be down­loa­ded here.

In additi­on, as part of the SDG Accelerator for SMEs, the 169 tar­gets of the SDGs have been translated into bus­iness opport­unities in the SDG Opport­unity Cards. The cards are used to identify concrete mar­ket opport­unities and chal­lenges that bus­inesses can tap into and use as the po­int of depart­ure for their innovati­on process. More specifically, the cards outline the SDG tar­gets that are most directly relevant for the pri­vate sector and operati­ona­lise them by highlig­ht­ing the und­er­lying chal­lenge of the tar­gets and the potential role for bus­inesses in address­ing these. Each card descri­bes an un­met need and a chal­lenge that comp­anies can turn into a bus­iness opport­unity.

Camilla Brückner has more th­an 27 ye­ars of develop­ment policy and mana­gement experience in Dan­ish and in­ternati­onal org­an­izati­ons. Pri­or to her cur­rent appo­int­ment, Ms Brückner was Deputy Chi­ef of Staff and Deputy Director for UNDP’s Ex­ecuti­ve Office. She has ser­ved at the Dan­ish Min­is­try of For­eign Affairs for 13 ye­ars, hea­ding di­visi­ons at the UN missi­on as Deputy Per­man­ent Representati­ve and earlier in the depart­ment of non-go­vern­mental org­an­izati­ons and civil society relati­ons, the depart­ment of humanit­ari­an affairs and the depart­ment of develop­ment policy.

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