30.03 2020 – 08:30-10:30

How to use the Sustaina­ble Develop­ment Goals ef­fecti­vely for bus­iness develop­ment. SDG Accelerator for SMEs.
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SDG Accelerator for SMEs – How to use the Sustainable Development Goals effectively for business development

Businesses, alongside government and civil society, will have an increasingly active role in collaborative solutions to address today’s most pressing societal challenges described in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This workshop will give you a brief introduction to the SDG Accelerator as well as give you inspiration on how to use the SDGs as a driver for business innovation. Via concrete tools and examples from the programme, we will show how you can operationalize the SDGs in a business context, creating business benefits and impact on the goals. More information: http://www.sdg-accelerator.org/

If you have names of companies that are using the SDG toolbox
Here is an overview of the companies that have participated in the programme over the course of the two years this has been running. One can read more about each company, its profile and what the company worked on in the SDG Accelerator programme. I have also attached separate overviews for easy reference.


Few words on the instructor/s
Director of UNDP’s Nordic Office, Camilla Brückner, who has more than 28 years of development policy and management experience in Danish and international organizations (Presenter)
Consultant, UNDP’s Nordic Office, Valdemar Christensen, who has been a part of the SDG Accelerator team from the beginning of the programme (Instructor)




Camilla Brückner framkvæmdarstjóri  Þróunarstofnunar Sameinuðu þjóðanna á Norðurlöndum (e. UNDP Nordic).

Vinna markvisst að því að efla fyrirtæki í vinnu þeirra með heimsmarkmiðin.

Blueprint, toolbox, and SDG Opportunity Cards

UNDP Nordic has developed a draft blueprint for the programme that describes the specific processes, methodologies and tools supporting the programme, which can be downloaded here. We have also developed a draft toolbox for the programme including an ‘SDG Forecasting Approach’. This toolbox is designed for facilitators guiding one or more companies through the SDG Innovation Journey. The draft toolbox can be downloaded here.

In addition, as part of the SDG Accelerator for SMEs, the 169 targets of the SDGs have been translated into business opportunities in the SDG Opportunity Cards. The cards are used to identify concrete market opportunities and challenges that businesses can tap into and use as the point of departure for their innovation process. More specifically, the cards outline the SDG targets that are most directly relevant for the private sector and operationalise them by highlighting the underlying challenge of the targets and the potential role for businesses in addressing these. Each card describes an unmet need and a challenge that companies can turn into a business opportunity.

Camilla Brückner has more than 27 years of development policy and management experience in Danish and international organizations. Prior to her current appointment, Ms Brückner was Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Director for UNDP’s Executive Office. She has served at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 13 years, heading divisions at the UN mission as Deputy Permanent Representative and earlier in the department of non-governmental organizations and civil society relations, the department of humanitarian affairs and the department of development policy.

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