Our motto at Festa – center for sustainability and social responsibility is: “Everything you do makes a difference”.

Festa is a non-profit organisation with over 120 associated members, which are combined mostly of Iceland’s biggest to smallest companies, in addition to public organisations, universities, the City of Reykjavik and a few other municipalities.

Festa is a catalyst for change and a bridge builder between and within the public and private sector and focuses on sustainable development through the SDGs, climate change and corporate social responsibility in its broad sense.

Festa organises 40-60 events a year with a varied group of partners, gives five awards annually for leadership roles in sustainable development, offers the www.climatepulse.is for free to encourage SMEs to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, etc.

Our goal is to support companies and organisations to lead by example, educate and inspire a forward looking and sustainable economy. Festa includes young leaders in their work and messages and supports them as sustainability leaders of the future.